Best Band Saw Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

We all know how hard it is to decide exactly what kind of product we want before making a purchase, but luckily, band saw reviews can give you more insight on the best tool to choose for you and your business.

When it comes to difficult construction jobs, the band saw is the top tool of choice. Through the utilization of a band equipped with sharp metal teeth, a band saw is the perfect solution for even the toughest of construction materials. Whether it is wood, metal, or another material that needs to be cut, and whether it is round like a pipe or straight like a plank, the powerful technology of a band saw can get the job done with satisfactory speed and precision. Additionally, band saws are precise enough to successfully cut straight lines, irregular lines, and curved lines alike. Portable band saws are renowned for their comfortable handles that prevent fatigued hands.

There are many factors to be considered and it all depends on what specific task you will be using the saw for. You could do all the researching yourself but these band saw reviews will make the task much easier.

Top 3 Band Saws on the Market

Our Band Saw reviews



Editor Rating:4.9 Stars (4.9 / 5)

Best Portable Band Saw Reviews

The renovated design of the cordless DEWALT DCS371B model helps it maintain a steady balance, guaranteeing for even cuts and less user fatigue. Its base is filled with glass, boosting the band saw’s durability.


DEWALT DWM120 Band Saw

Editor Rating:4.8 Stars (4.8 / 5)

band saw reviews

The DEWALT DWM120 model has an impressively deep cutting maximum of 5 inches, and offers a number of features which make it convenient to operate in any situation. It uses a LED light to indicate the cutting line.



Editor Rating:4.2 Stars (4.2 / 5)


The POWERTEC BS900 model has a sleek design and useful features, giving it great value for its low price. This band saw features blade guard adjustment and a quick release blade tension level so that it is fast and easy to change the blade.


SKIL 3386-01 Band Saw

Editor Rating:4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)

best skil band saw

The SKIL 3386-01 model contains dynamic features to ensure a clean and steady performance. It has a rip fence to ensure the cuts are as straight and as accurate as possible, as well as a flexible LED light for better visibility of the cut line and workspace.


Advantages of using a Band Saw

All band saws generally share a similar set of mechanisms, but each type also possesses its own features which boost the convenience and performance of the product. It is important to choose the right band saw for your industry, based on these features. The following list names some common advantages of band saws.

  • The portable models have ergonomic handles, which provide a soft and comfortable grip for your hands and prevent fatigue.
  • LED lights so that you can easily see the saw is cutting. For portable models, this feature makes them suitable for being used in small or dark places.
  • Accurate cutting lines. With specially designed technology such as dual guide rollers, the band roller provides incredibly accurate cutting like no other saw can.
  • Portability. While non-portable models still provide excellent results for cutting wood and metal, there is nothing more convenient than a compact and lightweight model that you can take with you everywhere you go and use in spots that are hard to access.

Types of Band Saw

Most of the models available in the market nowadays look basically the same. However, always remember that choosing the right band saw should depend on your budget and the kind of use you expect.

In this article, we will reveal the three basic kinds of band saws, their characteristics, advantages and disadvantages.

Bench top Band Saw

Judging from the name, this type of band saw can be mounted on a stand or a work table. Take note that this style does not weigh much and the wheels usually range from about 8 to 12 inches in diameter. One unique feature of the bench top model is that the motor is connected directly rather than to the belt.

Best for – Any handyman who is bent on being professional at his/her job. It would also be good for home use, light scroll cutting and for stationary objects.

Pros – the lightweight nature of this band saw is one of its main advantages. Also, it can be easily moved from place to place and occupies very little space. Take note that it is not expensive.

Cons – it has the least sawing capacity than the three compared. Since the work is being done on a table, there is the tendency for limited workbench space especially with the use of large pieces of wood. With this model, cutting internally can also be a problem.

Stand mounted Band Saw

This type has distinct features which is its 14 wheel inch diameter and the iron cast frame it usually comes with. There is the possibility for the stand to either be an open or enclosed cabinet. Unlike the bench top, the motor is connected to the wheel using a belt and is usually located under the saw in the stand.

Best for – anyone running a small wood workshop can get the best of the stand mounted band saw. This model can perform most woodworking tasks and is mostly used for cutting curves.

Pros – this band say type is comparatively cheap considering its ability to perform many tasks such as ripping lumber, re-sawing and curve cutting. The small space it occupies in a workshop is gives it an added advantage.

Cons – when it comes to re-sawing, the stand mounted model is under-powered even when making boards for small logs. This style has a limited cut capacity.


Floor standing Band Saw

The floor standing band saw is the perfect option for a professional or an expert. It is used mostly by professional woodworkers or in large professional wood workshops and characterized by its rather large sized wheel which normally ranges from 17 to 24 inches. This is different from the other three because they come with bigger motors and stronger frames and are suitable for tougher tasks such as rip sawing.

Best for – professional woodworkers who constantly do heavy duty work. It would also be excellent for carrying out deep cutting or even cutting curves. It is also excellent for heavy rip sawing and can be used to do decorations on thick stock.

Pros – you would easily feel and harness its stability, unbeatable cutting power and consistency in cutting.

Cons – its expensive nature would set you back on quite some money and your workshop would need to be as little more spacious to accommodate the machine.

  • Band saws can either be portable or non-portable. Non-portable band saws are tall, heavy, and are usually left in one spot. These models tend to offer the highest cutting capacities, which makes them suitable for those who do not need to get their work done at other places and who wish for the fastest and most dynamic band saws.
  • However, non-portable band saws can be quite useless if you require the work to be completed at another location. This is where portable band saws come in. They are small and compact, and lightweight enough to be carried around with ease. Most of them utilize extra protection to increase their durability, which is important when on the move. These band saws tend to have all sorts of nifty features that non-portable kinds do not have, and some of them can even fit in small locations. They are appropriate for a wider range of jobs.
  • Band saws require a strong source of power for their bands of teeth to move rapidly. Different models use different power sources, such as batteries or AC/DC. Most band saws run on electricity, and some of them are wireless for added convenience.

What you must consider before buying a Band Saw machine

If you are planning on buying a band saw, there is no doubt that you will want a model that is comfortable, reliable, and affordable. But first, you need to ask yourself whether you will ever use them and if they are worth the price. Think about what your priority uses will be for the band saw.

Here are some of the most important details to remember before making a decision.

The frame of the band saw

  • First of all, it is of utmost importance that the frame of the band saw should be made of very rigid material. There is lot of activity going on in a band saw such when the machine is working, and the blade is being tensioned. There a lot of pressure, vibration, and static force that is trying to squeeze the frame together as the machine runs. A recommended frame material should be made out thick pressed steel material that can withstand all the power and vibration acting on it.

The wheels

  • Most band saws have a set of two wheels that spin together, to give the blades the tension and motion that they need to cut through materials. Be they solid or spoke wheels, they too need to be thick and heavy in order to have a fly wheel effect that would enable easy cutting through any material. An ideal band saw wheel should be made of material like cast iron, which has the desired robustness and weight to safely produce required rotations for the movement of your blade. Take note that the wheels need to be accurately balanced so as to ensure that your cuts are straight and on point.
  • Some other important features that should not be overlooked are carefully placed in the upper boxed compartment that houses the upper wheel.

The hub bearing

  • On e of those features is the hub bearing which is the main attachment of the wheel to the band saw. The hub bearing provides the spinning effect on the wheel; they should be big and strong enough to handle the weight and pressure that would be exerted upon it. It must also be permanently fitted to ensure that the machine is safe and secure. You might also want to check the tension mechanism of your band saw.

The tension system

  • Another internal mechanism to look at is the tension system. The wheel is raised with the help of a knob which tensions the blade. There should be good quality metal slide and really strong springs that will apply enough tension on the blade for cutting.
  • You should also take time to evaluate the ease of changing the blade. What to look out for is one which is easy to lower the blade. Normally, in order to change the blade, you will have to release the tension using the knob at the top, lower the blade, then fit in a replacement. This process could take quite some time for some band saw machine designs. However, good quality machines have a lever at the back where you can turn and release the tension, so that replacing the blade is easy and quick.

The blade is the tracking

  • A very important aspect to take note of about the blade is the tracking. There is a control at the back of the machine that tilts the top wheel and allows you to move the wheel back and forth. You can therefore determine where the blade is running on the wheel. Take note that the good quality machines have a crown in the middle and you would want to run the blade around there. The tracking control should have a fine adjustment and make sure that you can lock it up tight after using.

The table

  • Have a good look at the table; a super smooth mirror surface is what you should be looking for, which will allow you to move the timber easily on the table. Do not forget that you may be dealing with a large quantity of material, so you might want to go for a large table, which should preferably be made of solid cast iron. The table must also have a mighty guide on it which helps you to cut angles.
  • In order to easily make bow cuttings, it is a great idea for you to be able to tilt the table. You should also check how the table is mounted on the band saw. You would want something rigid and firm supporting the table. If it is mounted independently of the plate on top the band saw, it is easily adjustable to make sure the blade is running through to the table and the fence. This makes cutting edges so much easier.

The fence

  • A band saw is used for a lot of ripping work, so a fence is also very critical and it should be really strong. It should have really rigid fixings under the table and be able to move easily.

The blade guide

  • A blade guide is also another important feature that your ideal band saw should have. You will need these for accurate cutting. On quality machines, there are guides on both sides of the blade and one at the back to take the thrust, thus the blade is well guided. The guides should have screw adjustments so that they can be wound in and out for better adjustments. The whole guide assembly can be moved up and down so that that blade can be positioned on the work. This feature would enable you to wind up the blade if you are doing a shallow cut, or down for a deep cut and lock it up with a locking knob.

The speed

  • Most band saws are either single or two speed machines. It is important for you to be able to reduce the cutting speed for materials such as plastics. To change the speed of especially a two step pulley, you should be able to slacken the handle and release the tension in the drive belt, fit the belt on the other pulley and re-tension. Speed changing should be very simple on a good band saw machine.

The price

  • While the cheapest model isn’t necessarily the way to go, compare prices and try to look for a model that has a decent prize according to its quality.
  • You wouldn’t want to pay more for a model that is less convenient, and you definitely wouldn’t want to spend your money on a model that is cheap but is of little use to you.

The rating

  • Knowing how satisfactory the product was for other people can be a huge help on deciding which band saw to buy.
  • It shouldn’t be your biggest influence, because some models may be excellent for some people and unsuitable for others, but it is nonetheless useful to know how popular particular models are

The specifications

  • Finally, look carefully at the specifications when buying a band saw machine. You should go for output power rather than in put power, there is a big difference.
  • Pay attention to the dust extractor taking note that wood produces a lot of dust and the wheel tends to blow it everywhere. You will need to connect the extractor to a can and this will do a good job of extracting the dust and keeping the workplace healthy.
Browsing through the following band saw reviews is a good way to help you decide which band says to look into. You can read our reviews to learn more detailed information about the product and gather details from there to determine whether the band saw would suit your needs. Then, you can do more research about the model that interests you before finally making a purchase if it meets all your needs.

In conclusion, band saws are powerful and dynamic tools that offer many features and can cut wood or metal with fast and satisfactory results. Whether you need a stationary unit or one that can be carried on the go, there is a model with the right design and features for you. It is important to determine the ultimate band saw depending on the purpose you require before making a purchase. If you ever need a new band saw for your work shop or business, then using these band saw reviews will help you determine which model is the most reliable, convenient, and efficient for your needs.

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