Basic Woodworking Projects for Beginners to Start With

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Jun 09

If you have a knack for woodworking but really don't know how to go about the more complex projects, then you are what we can rightly term a 'beginner'. What most people do not realize is the fact that being a beginner has some benefits of its own. As a beginner you get to design projects using basic tools. Like with all aspect of life, great woodworking professionals began as beginners who were willing to learn and improve their skills. While you may not yet be confident to take on big projects, you could start off with seemingly smaller, around the house projects. Here is a list of some woodworking projects that would suit a beginner like you.

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Pallet Shelves

A good way to start showcasing your skills is to build a pallet shelf that would hold your tools. Since your tools are usually kept in the workshop, this pallet shelf may not take center stage or get noticed easily. Yet it is a great way to boost your confidence and get you itching to start a next project.

Simple Boxes

This is yet another project that can serve multiple functions in the house. The project doesn't require a large complex box, just one with a good lock to keep things safe. This usually doesn't require major tools as your regular hand tools would do the job nicely.

Wooden Door Mat

What really makes woodworking exciting is the number of creative things one can make at the comfort of one’s home. Who says a wooden doormat won't add beauty to your front porch? It is fairly easy to design and construct and would give your home that welcoming nature feel.

Picture Frame

These are definitely basic projects to play around with. Picture frames are usually the go-to projects for most woodworking beginners. It's totally ok to join the bandwagon and add some personal creativity to your pictures.

X-legged Outdoor Table

If you have got a backyard and want to decorate it with some furniture, one of the things it would need is a table. An X-legged table is simple and yet modern and would fit rightly into any backyard. They are relatively easy to design and usually do not take much time.

Simple Bird House

There are less complex bird houses to construct. These do not have the complexity seen in some of today's bird houses. With just a little wood and finishing, the bird house would be complete. You would have to put a plan in place to get the ideal shape without compromising in the comfort of the bird. Bird houses can come in any shape as long as it has the basic space to house a bird. If you are capable enough you can push your limits and design something simple but elegant.

Wine Holder

This can be located in any part of the house as it serves its aesthetic purpose. A wine holder is quite relatively easy to construct. The complexity involved is in the number of holder or wine it can carry. While glass frames look beautiful for this purpose, a wooden holder gives the wine bottle a sort of vintage look.

Simple Wall Art

You do not need the creativity of an artist to try out this project. Basically anything can pass off as a great art; it's all a matter of presentation. You do not even have to go out of your way to make the art complicated. Just keep it as simple as it can possibly be and you would still have something interesting to look at. It could come in various shapes. For example, making three arrow heads and placing them side by side on a wall makes creative art work. This can fit into any room in the house and add to its beauty.

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