Benefits of Small Blade on Band Saw

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Jul 07

It is true that a band saw can be used for so many purposes. However, it is important to use the appropriate blade for the kind of project you are working on. The factors to consider when choosing the correct blade includes the kind of material to be cut, the kind of cut, the layout of the project, and the size of the material.

While a larger blade is good for large scale materials that does not need delicate and complicated turns when cutting, a smaller blade is more suitable for materials that require a lot of curves and delicate turns. Smaller blades are not supposed to be left out when choosing a blade because they bring a lot of benefits to the table. Before we get to the benefits, here are some things to know about the blades.


The Blade Specifications

  • Width of the blade – it is important to consider the width of the blade because this determines how much curves, turns or circles you can make out of the material as well as the kind of material that you can cut with it.
  • Tooth Pattern – this is important because it determines the smoothness and speed of the cut. It means that the fewer teeth there is per inch, the faster it can cut but it yields a rough finish. Having more teeth per inch on the other hand requires a slower cut but gives a smooth surface.

Benefits of Small Blades


Large blades can also do curves and circles such as in table top projects, However, they may not be as beneficial when it comes to projects that are smaller such as band saw drawers. Choosing smaller blades give you so many benefits for your project. Here are some of them.

  • It allows you to create more delicate projects that are smaller which contains a lot of curves and contours and requires more delicate touch and complicated cutting.
  • Turning the material back and forth to form a shape on the material is a lot easier and more convenient to do.
  • Small blades allow you to create hollow spaces within solid materials without breaking the blade or the material in half.
  • Due to its smaller size, it can achieve the desired shape out of the material without any bumps and irregularities on the edges.
  • When assembling the pieces of a band saw box, it all fits perfectly to their places without holes or uneven surfaces.
  • It can cut the material into thinner pieces without breaking it.
  • You can do 360 degree turns on materials such as Red Oak to create shapes within it.
  • It has the ability to support very tight turns and give nice quality of cutting.
  • They can cut on non-ferrous metal such as aluminum, brass and copper nicely.


Smaller blades are indeed just as essential as the larger ones. By using them, you can open yourself up to more project possibilities and produce well-crafted miniature drawers and furniture.  Furthermore, smaller blades will allow you to cut more materials such as aluminum to add to your projects. Get to know more about the smaller blades to master its use and the kind of projects it can help you create.

The important thing to remember when it comes to smaller blades is that the more teeth there are per inch, the more delicate and smooth cut it can give. When switching blades, always follow the proper procedure to make sure that things are going to work perfectly and you can enjoy these benefits optimally as well as to avoid the equipment from getting damaged.

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