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Oct 19

Science has developed so much in the past centuries that today we are surrounded by luxuries all around. It also gave us a whole new and innovative lot of machines which includes the metal cutting band saw; a very vital tool of your collection nowadays, to help you build or rebuild anything at your home, office, or any other place. Each best metal cutting band saw is reviewed below:

1. SHOP FOX W1715 3/4 HP Metal Cutting Bandsaw

This is a high powered band saw which is easy to use and has variable speed blades. It is designed by keeping in mind the portability issues. The vertical cutting attachment makes it even more irresistible. In a nutshell, it can be your ultimate choice for both small and heavy projects as it can cut through metal sheets up to quite to a good thickness.


  • It has large solid hand wheels made up of cast iron material
  • It has the extension wings made up of heavy-duty cast iron material
  • Lucrative offer of including the standard as well as the dado table
  • It is built in the rock solid 4-inch dust hood
  • Amazingly the cutting blades can tilt as much as 45 degrees right

Editor's Rating

The good and the bad

It has a high power motor of almost 3/4hp power rating, which makes this metal cutting band saw superior to most of its competitors. Its ability to cut in three variable speeds is also a very rare and unique function making it a distinctive item in the category of metal cutting band saw. The high adaptability of this metal cutting band saw to the ease in portability and use makes it highly user friendly.

Along with all the bright and shiny attractive attributes of this metal cutting band saw, it does have few small drawbacks. Metal cutting band saw reviews indicate that the written instruction manual of the product is not found quite helpful in some cases. Also, the stand available for this band saw is a little flimsy.

Apart from these minor negatives, this product is certainly a useful investment of your hard earned money.

2. Grizzly G0622 Metal-Cutting Bandsaw, 4 x 6-Inch

The lightweight single phase motor-powered metal cutting band saw, along with a variety of adjustable options, makes it one of the best metal cutting band saw available at the market. The overall impact of the product shows that it is tailor made to smooth the needs and the nerves of the customer.


  • Enhanced customization with three variable cutting speeds
  • The automatic shutoff functionality ensures the safety of the user
  • It has a carefully crafted ball bearing construction
  • It is highly suitable for the portable use with the wheels and the vertical cutting attachment available along it
  • Powered by a single phase motor which runs on the 110V
  • The maximum speed of the motor is 1,725 rpm
  • It has a 4 and half inch diameter circular capacity

Editor's Rating

The good and the bad

The product is flooded with a variety of good and fascinating positives. It ensures maximum safety of the customer. It is a long race horse which means that you can relax and sit back for some long time once you have invested in this project. Moreover, it also requires less maintenance. The vertical cutting attachment makes it a vertical metal cutting band saw too which is very useful in awkward conditions.

The very few negatives of the product according to the metal cutting band saw reviews includes a mediocre quality blade and the transition period which it takes to settle down in the start.

Overall, it is an extremely useful and highly effective tool which you would definitely want in your tool box.

3. Jet 414458 HVBS-56M Horizontal/Vertical Bandsaw

Easy to handle and easy to move: the trademark of this product, besides many other outstanding features of this product. It can cut through 5-inches metal piece to give you more flexibility and control. It is extremely easy to use and friendly to handle. Being economical, it can be of great interest for customers.


  • Fully adjustable ball bearing blade guides rendering the cutting smooth and precise
  • 6-inch long front legs with level adjustment pads; increases the ease with which it can be operated
  • 1/2hp powered motor
  • Moveable and easily adjustable horizontal/vertical metal cutting band saw
  • Easy movement with larger diameter wheels and built-in handle
  • Ball bearing supported blade wheel

Editor's Rating

The good and the bad

It has a number of impressive features including the auto stop feature which certifies the user’s safety. The assembly works quite well and it is not very complex to put things together and start your work. It has some loop holes too, which includes regular maintenance and oiling of the product; otherwise, it will stop and the blade is likely to break. The vertical cutting functionality doesn’t work nicely, so it can’t be used as a vertical metal cutting band saw effectively. It definitely covers the money you invest in buying it, as it works perfectly well for horizontal cuts.

The Final Words

Keeping in view of the above mentioned reviews and description of the metal cutting band saw, Grizzly G0622 would be recommended as the best metal cutting band saw among all these metal cutting band saws. It is a touch expensive but its functionality would not let you regret your decision even for a second.

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