Making a Cutting Board

By elamon | Band Saw Basic

Aug 08

The kitchen is one of the most important parts of the house because it is where the food that nourishes the body is prepared. There are so many condiments and utensils that can be found in the kitchen. They are mostly grouped together depending on their use. There are those that are necessary for holding the food, for boiling and cooking soups, for frying, for cutting food and more.


Among the many utensils in the kitchen, the most essential one would probably be the cutting board because it supports the meat, vegetables or fruits that are being cut. They also protect the edges of the sink from being damaged by the knife and more importantly, they keep things safe when cutting.

Because of this, creating cutting boards for a project would be a brilliant idea because it is very easy to do and very economical. Furthermore, it can all be done perfectly within 20 minutes. If you wish to make one for yourself and probably earn some profits from it, here are the steps.

  1. Gather your materials and equipment for the project including the power tools and measuring materials such as ruler and an angle bar.
  2. Choose an appropriate wood to use for this project. It has to be something hard and sturdy enough to withstand cutting using knives such as a thick piece of walnut.
  3. Make your creativity work and do away with the normal looking cutting board. Play with some patterns and variety by including a lighter and thinner piece of wood in the mix.
  4. When you already have everything you need, simply draw your measurements on the wood and line it with a pencil for straight cutting.
  5. Cut the walnut in the band saw machine to yield three thick pieces of wood. Then, go for the thinner ones to create two smaller pieces.
  6. Glue them all together with an alternating pattern of dark-light-dark-light-dark. This will appear like you got two light lines on your board. Apply clamps and let it dry for a few minutes.
  7. Once dry, remove any excess wood glue that has come to the surface. Scrape them off completely.
  8. Make the surfaces even by running the board in a circular table saw. Be sure to run all the sides.
  9. Do not forget to make the top and bottom surfaces even as well by running it in another machine.
  10. Once you have all the sides and surfaces even, it is time to add a little bit more detail to the board. Cut an angle on the bottom sides of the board by tilting the circular table saw to a certain angle.
  11. Now that you have the tapered detail in the bottom, you can now make the surfaces smooth using a random orbit sander. Be sure to do the edges as well.
  12. Finish the cutting board using a Salad bowl finish to make it look better and protect it from parasites.
  13. Now you have your very own cutting board done in just 20 minutes.


This project is indeed fast to create and does not cost too much as well. You can have this sold for $70 each which can give you more or less $40 worth of profit. You can add your own spin to the cutting board by creating your own design and coming up with some amazing shapes.

If you are not into selling your projects, you can have it in your own home instead and have it for use in your very own kitchen for the next time you have to cut or cook something.

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