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Oct 19
SKIL 3386 9-Inch Band Saw
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Review Summary:

If you are in search of the best 9 inch band saw to take on your daily activities, whether it relates to your profession or your hobbies, then you might want to take a look at the SKIL 3386. An advanced and flexible band saw, SKIL 3386 is loaded with features that will make your job not only comfortable but also accurate to the line. With all the superb features included, this SKIL saw band reviews will leave no doubts in your mind  that this product is the best SKIL band saw.


The SKIL 3386 model is featured with all the details and specifications that increase your dependability for day to day jobs. This 120 volts high power band saw being really light weight comes from a trustworthy brand of saw band manufacturers which means you get the right product at an affordable price.  It is the perfect compact size band saw you will ever need.


Even though this band saw is recommended for its price, the major drawback is that the band saw wobbles too much even after being bolted to a fixed surface. This makes it a little hard to work with. Also it has been noticed that this band saw lacks power to cut anything beyond 3.5 inches deep. Also you will have to wait long for the saw motor to recover its full RPM on to the band.


skil band saw

Amongst all the non-portable band saws, SKIL 3386 beats all its competitors and has been proven to be the best powerful band saw with 38 pounds of weight. It is easy to carry around with many added features for working convenience.

It’s incredible compact dimension measuring 31.2 x 16.2 x 12.8 inches makes it fit onto table tops and places where you want to work. A high power 2.5 Amp motor which draws 120 volts of charge is good enough to cut through wood and ply board measuring 3 ½ inches.

Working with any other band saw has never been flexible, thanks to the tilting adjustment feature between 0 to 45 degrees covered by aluminium table around. This table measures a full 11 – 13/16 inches of square piece and one of the best within the 9 inch band saw range.

The accessory that comes with this band saw makes it more useful for every craftsman and includes parallel guide, work light, blades, hex key and the meter gauge.

Features Of  SKIL 3386

  • Highly Powerful Motor –  This product comes with a 1 speed mechanism with 2.5 Amp, 120 volts makes it versatile for cutting wood or metals alike with precision.
  • Deep cutting capacity –  Being a 9 inch band saw, it can cut through a 3.5 inches wooden plank like butter. Can easily pass through a 1 1/2″ x 6″ inches of hard ironwood without any problem whatsoever. Works great for cutting through many smaller stocks of wood from 3 ½ inches each.
  • Sleek and intelligent features – The saw bands dimensions make it very much compact and appealing. It comes with great table space to fit any size of wood you want to cut through.Easily adjustable and flexible rack and pinion table with a range of 45 degrees assures greater precisions followed by height adjustments. It comes with hard rubber based holders to press down upon the working piece, to cut off the slipping part of the metal or wood.A 1 ½ inch of dust port area design makes all your work look good and helps clear the dust off while working.
  • LED guide light – The SKIL 3386 comes with precision guided LED lights that make sure you are going the right way. Also this makes a greater choice for working with low light and dark area conditions.
  • Smooth Rip fence – To provide accurate and smooth cuts, the SKIL 3386 comes with a Rip fence making sure you don’t go beyond the line while cutting.
  • Long Lasting Blades – This SKIL model utilizes highly durable blades that last way long and makes it wear less after continuous usage. Easy to buy normal blade dimensions gives you freedom to buy blades of your choice with proper dimensions to fit the case. Simple and easy replacement of blades makes it a charm to work with.
  • Simple to clean and use – Its easy manual instructions and adjustable levers make the best one to regularly clean and use on the go. Hassle free accessories replacement is one of the advantages of this model.

Why should you buy SKIL 3386 9-Inch Band Saw?

best skil band sawThe SKIL 3386 is a light weight and highly versatile band saw offering value for money being sleek and modern looking. Easy to carry around as you move, this is a favourite tool of many technicians who need to work at high altitudes.

For those who are looking for a 9 inch band saw to carry out their hobbies and small household chores, it’s the budget price that makes it a good buy product. A sleek but powerful Motor band saw which can cut a 3.5 inch wood plank easily makes it worth the investment.

Highly durable Aluminium body made to last the wear and tear also makes it an interesting toolkit to own. An accessory kit including hex key, LED light, Blade etc adds to the attraction.

Who should buy this product?

SKIL 3386 is best suitable for those who don’t want big powerful cutting machine and rather prefer something that can adjust to their cupboard. A great buy for beginners, this machine is also highly favoured by technical professionals for all their light weight jobs adding to flexibility to carry around.

A quiet and versatile tool, it is generally preferred to be used by:

  • Carpenters
  • Wood cutters and shop owners
  • Workers in construction
  • Homemade hobbyists

 The Final Verdict

SKILL is widely popular for the range of most affordable and worthy band saw in the market and this model of SKIL 3386 is no exception. With such little trouble and less improvement features to include in such a compact budget range, this product presents everything needed for day to day use. After checking this out and other SKIL band saw reviews with a substantial comparison, you will be able to conclude on buying this best SKIL band saw.

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