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Oct 25
Rikon 10-305 10-Inch Band Saw
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Review Summary:

The Rikon 10-305 is a heavy duty bench top band saw that would be great to start with if you are working on wood a limited budget. This band saw can take some heavy duty operation like re-sawing and also some light operation like cutting plywood for artefacts and wall hangings. In case you are a regular wood worker with a much larger band saw already, this addition would save you a lot of time to get through smaller jobs without you having to spend a lot of time changing blades. The Rikon 10 inch band saw is designed with durability in mind. This band saw comes with a five year manufacturer warranty and is the best bet among competition.

The versatility of this machine comes from the blade sizes it supports. The 1/8” blade offers a powerful scroll cutting capacity whereas the 1/2” offers heavy duty work like re-sawing. It makes this 10 inch band saw a potent tool to have in your workshop.

The specification of  Rikon 10-305

Throat width 9-5/8”
Max. cutting depth 4-15/16”
Blade length 70-1/2”
Blade width 1/8” – 1/2”
Table size 12-1/12” x 13-3/4”
Table tilt Right 0-45o
Blade speed 2,780 ft/min
Motor 1/3 HP
Amps 3.5
Volts 110V
Net weight 77 lbs


  • Unlike many band saws in this price range, the Rikon 10 inch band saw is built for strength with no disregard to flexibility. The frame is a solid steel design and not the blow moulded plastic that you would generally see from the competition (Even the access doors are steel!). The Rotors are cast Aluminium and the table is a complete cast iron piece with a slit for easy installation and change of the blade. The wheels are balances and gives less noise and vibration during operation.
  • This 10 inch band saw incorporates an easy to remove mechanism unlike other band saws. There is no kink during assembly and dismantling hence you don’t risk broken blades.
  • The guide post is adjustable depending on the job at hand. This is done with a clever rack and pinion mechanism with a locking screw. This implies that the guide post can be lowered like a car’s steering wheel and it won’t fall on your hand or the table when loosened.
  • The 1/3 HP motor offers versatility to this machine for a variety of jobs. A smaller blade makes intricate work easier and a larger blade can make tough jobs easier. All this can be supported by this high power motor. There is a port connection to a dust hose which makes your work environment dust free and safe.
  • A toggle switch is also present which ensures that the unit is not switched on by accident.  All guides are with roller bearings. There are Roller Bearings on the top and the bottom of the work area which aligns the blade smoothly during operation. Micro adjustments can be made on the alignment rollers to get the blade to run true.
  • There are also easy to use plastic knobs through which the tautness of the blade, blade alignment, Guide rack height, angle of the bed and the guiderail adjustment can be set. All these knobs can be torque by hand which minimises the time it takes reaching for tools if a change of job is required.
  • The entire weight of the Rikon Band saw is limited to 77 pounds and is very simple to set it up. 5 year warranty on the Rikon 10 inch makes it an easy choice for people who want to get it right the first time.


    • Professional wood workers swear by the versatility of this machine. This 10 inch band saw delivers everything it promises. It is easy to set it up in a workshop where space is a limited. A ban dsaw with this capability at this price is unheard of.
    • The Paint job and metal surfaces make easy cleaning and maintenance. Only the cast iron work table has to be protected against rust and if done, gives a very long service life.
    • The easy access knobs make adjusting simple after a change of blades. Whatever the wood you throw at it, this 10 inch band saw delivers.  Setting up this machine is made easy with no specialist tool requirements


    • It is recommended that the unit is bolted to a work table or the ground vertically using 4 bolts. The required accessories are given along with the unit. The Rikon 10-305 and all the accessories would be shipped in a single box. The cast iron table would be packed in plastic with grease applied to prevent rusting. The grease can be removed through any household grease removers for assembly. It is highly recommended that a protective coating such as paste wax is applied after cleaning to ensure rust prevention.
    • A cutting blade is provided with the band saw and this can be swapped with any aftermarket band saw if desired. This is a complaint that many customers face and a high quality aftermarket blade runs very well with this machine.
    • Take your time to set up this machine for the first time. The blade has to run vertical and has to be aligned perpendicularly with the table surface. The clearances to the slit in the table must be even on all directions.

Why Should You Buy This Product

In spite of the assembly requirement, it is a product that would keep you happy for a very long time. A smaller, more portable band saw may not offer the same durability that the Rikon 10-305 does. And once you have gained some expertise to tackle bigger jobs, you may find that the band saw you have may not be sufficient. Hence this is the right choice.

Who Would Want To Use This Product

With the smaller blade, irregular cuts are made easy. This can work on low gauge metal parts as well and are a great boon to auto enthusiasts who would like to style their own car. For an amateur wood worker, this is great and smooth to run in the garage.

There are a bunch of home projects you can try with this on your side like making a Dog Kennel, Putting up a tree house, fixing a see-saw for your kids, making a swing set etc. If you are a bit more ambitious, how about making a Jungle themed room for your son?  Or beds like the Ford Mustang? With the Rikon band saw, cutting out a Bugs Bunny wall hanging is a piece of cake.


The Rikon 10 is a great band saw for your garage. It offers the flexibility that a bench top gives with capability to take on heavy sawing as well. This is an excellent product for the price that you pay and is easily the best among competition.

Both starters as well as professionally wood carvers swear by its versatility and durability. Great value for money.


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le trong linh April 22, 2015

This band saw model is very flexible and easy to handle with. The details of this content were useful for those who wanted to buy a new band saw. In buying it we need to choose what is suited of what you need.

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