Simple Steps To repair Your Favourite Wood Furniture with Scratches

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Jun 27

We all love our wood furniture because it adds untold beauty to any space. Well, who doesn't? And why wouldn't we? That perfect finish, glossy polish and smooth texture of any wooden furniture is what makes it appealing and enchanting; makes it stand out from steel or metal furniture. The only problem we all seem to have is in the maintenance required to keep these wooden furniture new and retain its adorable finish.

Just a few nicks and scratches on my favourite table or a closet is more than enough to ruin the class of that perfectly polished wood - but nothing comes with immortality. Neither does your furniture polish. Even before you realise you start noticing those little scratches, and dents and nicks which in no time grow into an intricate design of scratches, if unchecked.

So how do you deal with it? Let's try solving this issue with simply DIYs techniques. Unless, of course, you own a really antique piece of art, in which case hiring a professional for restoring wooden finish is advisable.

Lemon Juice

Superficial scratches that involve only the polish are easy to remove. A solution of lemon juice mixed with olive oil or any other cooking oil is a proven kitchen remedy for eliminating surface scratches. Rub this solution generously with the aid of a clean lint cloth and wait patiently till you see the starch disappear before your eyes.

Using Similar Coloured Greasy Materials

Another home remedy for removing scratches involving deeper layers of furniture is either filling those nicks and cracks with a similar coloured greasy material or using natural materials easily available in your kitchen. So what sort of colouring materials we choose. Would you believe if I say coffee? Or an eyebrow pencil? Or iodine! Yes, we can fill in the scratches using any of the colouring methods, only taking care of the perfect match of the colour to the furniture.

Coffee powder

Coffee powder can be used to fill in the cracks using a Q-tip. The furniture should be of darker shade or else the coffee lines would stand out.

Eye brow pencil

Choosing the right colour that matches your wood furniture is easy with an eye brow pencil. This is because they come in different shades. Just ensure you apply the pencil directly on the scratches and quickly clean away those staining the surrounding area.

Tea bags

Similarly you can use a tea bag to mask the scratches. Remember, camouflage is to key to success here!! Dampen a tea bag with small amount of water for few minutes. Now use this tea to fill in the scratches. You can always apply another layer to match the shade of wood.


Iodine is more versatile in the matter of shade matching, since you can always adjust the depth of shade by diluting. For a lighter colour wood, dilute iodine with denatured alcohol in a 1:1 ratio.


Nuts are known to repair wear and tear in our body. They also do a miraculous job when it comes to hiding scratches and Knicks on wooden furniture. Rub the meat of almond or walnut in the direction of scratch till it gets filled.


When we talk about colour and greasy materials the first thing that comes to our mind is crayons. If you have that perfect shade of wax crayons then you don’t need anything else to fill in the scratch. Similarly oil paints or marker pens can be used to hide the scratches.

Shoe polish

Be it a liquid one or in a solid/gel form, shoe polish tend to match shades of wooden furniture in the most brilliant way. The perfection of masking would largely be determined by the colour shade of the shoe polish and the level of application applied.

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