The Best and Easiest Way to Cut Formica

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Jul 11

Formica has uses in several places around the house. It is a plastic laminate that allows for easy cleaning and has durable properties. Formica comes in a very wide range of colors and this makes it a preferred choice for many home finishes. The same can be said of its texture, as it is quite versatile and can have application in different places. Usually jobs like installing Formica are done by professionals but there are easy ways to get it done. If you follow these DIY steps, you would not only save money, you would also have saved yourself some time that would have been wasted.

Get the Formica

The first thing to do would be to buy the Formica from any home improvement store. Before you go out to buy it, ensure you have measured the area you wish to cover. Ideally, it is advisable that you use a measuring tape to an accurate measurement for the Formica needed.

Prepare the Formica

Roll out the Formica on a flat surface to get it ready to be cut. In order to keep the Formica sheet flat, place weights at the corner parts of the sheet. Anything with good weight to hold it down is god enough.

Take and Mark Measurements

Take measurements again of the area you need to cover. Advisably, take measurement twice and cut once. For the first measurement, use a pencil to mark it out at the back of the Formica. Take the second measurement to be sure it is as accurate as it can ever be.

Mask the Formica

The principle behind masking the Formica is to protect the surface. Use a masking tape over the pencil line you drew for measurements. If you are able to see the line through the masking tape, then you are good to go. If it is not clearly visible or you want to be extra sure, you can make the line again on top of the masking tape. As long as you follow exactly the line made underneath the masking tape, it wouldn’t affect the measurement.

Just a reminder, it is important to place the Formica on a flat surface free of contours. This is because such contours could damage the Formica if not properly handled. If you can get a wooden flat surface, it is far better than using a concrete surface.

Cut the Formica

A straight edge knife, utility knife, laminate shears, or a circular saw will come in handy to cut the Formica. Ensure you avoid using a circular saw when cutting through a curve. It is better to use finer saws with some level of flexibility. If done properly, you should be able to lift off the wasted area from the rest of the Formica. Usually the wasted part should break off easily with little effort.

Just like with any cuttings, make sure your fingers are not in the cutting path to avoid injuries. As a DIY person, you probably would have experience using any of these cutters. If this is your first time of using such cutters then you should be extra careful with the knife.

If there is need to make round cuts or curves, a jigsaw with a fine blade is more preferable. For a neater and cleaner job, you use a belt sander with a grit of about 100 to ensure the edges are well smoothened out. This is done to avoid injuries from the rough cut edges. If a belt sander is not readily available, you can make use of a small metal file; they both have similar working principle.

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