Vital Attributes When Buying A Band Saw

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Nov 17

When you are going to make a purchase of a band saw there is many different attributes that need to be viewed. These attributes define the band saw on the performance and qualities that it can carry out.

These attributes consist of:

  • Throat Size.
  • Motor Power.
  • Wheel Size.
  • Blade Width.
  • Table and Fence (non-portable band saws).

With these attributes looked at you can gain a more suggestive view of what you are buying and how the band saw can perform and go to work for you in cutting and reformatting wood or other materials that you require cutting.

Throat Size

Band Saw Throat

The first important attribute is the throat cut of the band saw. This is the actual width that the saw can cut in terms of wood. The general band saw comes with a twelve to fourteen inches width. If you desire to cut something bigger than this width you can get a bigger throat up to forty-eight to sixty inches of throat. This allows for a wider cut on my spaced out material. Either design you choose, the throat needs to measure against what you are going to be cutting on the band saw.

Motor Power

Band Saw Motor Power

This attribute is a very serious hesitation when buying your next band saw. The motor size determines the power that the machine puts out. In terms of power, the more dense material that you would desire to cut would call for more power. The standard band saw comes equipped with ¾ to 2 horse power motor. Along with the power of the machine, you can get the attachments that lets you use variable in the speed that the motor puts out. This allows for precision cutting on smaller material. This is a vital attribute in your consideration of your next band saw.

Wheel Size

Band Saw Wheel

The wheel size is the actual size of the band saw itself, in terms of production and stability. The size of the band size is represented by the pulleys diameter located on the machine. With a long diameter between pulleys, this allows for a heavier cut. In the instance that you are not cutting heavy duty material, then a small diameter is called for. On a typical band saw the diameter is usually ¼ to 3/8 less than the pulley size. For a heavier cut, a 10 inches band saw has the diameters of 9-5/8 inches wide, and the 14 inches band saw can handle material up to 13-¾ inches wide. When you make your purchase make sure that your wheel size is compatible to the material you are cutting.

Blade Width


The blade width determines the tightness of the material that needs cut. If you use a small blade on a heavy material, you risk the chance of breaking the blade and if you use a high density blade with longer width, then the saw could not make precision cuts. The blade widths range in various sizes. These blades range in size from1/8 to 1 inch. The thinner blades offer finer teeth for a precision cut on tighter material whereas the wider blades are made for a straight edge cut.

Table and Fence 


This attribute is also a very important question needs asking when buying a band saw. The table you get can be made from one of three components: Steel, Aluminum, or Cast Iron. When developing your own personal saw, the table strength needs to be calculated by the heaviness of the material that is going to be cut. The most common size for these table are sixteen inches by sixteen inches. The fences also places a vital role in your purchase. Depending on the technicality of the word that you are cutting a fence allows for crosscutting, re-sawing, and shredding operations. This allows for these functions to transpire on the table. It allows for more precision cuts with angles and solid curves. The fence is a great attachment if you desire technical cutting in your material.

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Nguyen Minh Trinh April 21, 2015

Band saws do 2 specific tasks very well: cutting through boards along curved lines and re sawing which is the art of slicing a board, on edge, into thinner veneers. Before you buy a band saw you should know exactly what you want to do with it. You can then pick the right Nguyen Minh Trinh saw with the right features for you.

    Magdelina July 1, 2015

    Your article peercftly shows what I needed to know, thanks!

le trong linh April 22, 2015

Generally there were different types and style of band saw, each of them has its special use and characteristic. In choosing the right band saw we need to determine our purpose first.

nguyen thi ly April 30, 2015

Truth be told there had been different kinds and elegance associated with music group saw, every one of them offers the unique utilize as well as feature. Within deciding on the best music group saw we have to figure out our own objective very first.

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